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Cancer Season – Time to nourish the Soul!

After a mentally active Gemini season, we can now soothe our nervous system and our emotional body in the nourishing waters of Cancer.

In Cancer season we drop from the mind into the emotional body.

Instead of thinking, analyzing, communicating – we close our eyes, feel into our belly, and open our third eye.

The evolutionary intent of Cancer is to develop a healthy relationship to our emotions. We find/feel out what we need to feel nourished and safe. We learn to care for ourselves as loving as for others.

We take the responsibility for our own emotional needs, cultivate an inner feeling of security, and become independent from the caring of others.

In Cancer we learn to self-regulate our emotions.

It is important that we don’t repress our emotions to “function”. What we repress becomes distorted, right…? But it is also crucial to handle our emotions in a healthy way so that we don’t get completely overwhelmed by „all the feels “, and neither reach our goals nor act in a matured way.

Especially when we experienced a lack of safety and nourishment in our past – in childhood and previous incarnations – we developed maybe copy mechanisms, that are limiting us in present time.

On the one hand, we can stay the eternal child, never grow up and search always for people/authority figures that make us feel safe.

We want to be nourished by others and therefore, we often become dependent within our relationships – until we learn to care for our inner child and re-parent ourselves.

On the other hand, we can tend to care for everybody else but not for ourselves.

We can give and nourish and nurture others… and forget that we also need some love and kindness. We can deplete and/or get passive aggressive because „nobody cares about us“. Then, it is important to recognize that we are also worthy of receiving and that we learn to fill our own cups, too.

The evolution within the Cancer archetype is to develop a relationship to our emotions and to re-parent ourselves.

Does that mean that we never ask for help...? No! It is rather part of our self-responsibility and self-care to take ourselves seriously enough to communicate what we need from others.

In the cardinal energy of Cancer, we learn that our vulnerability is a strength!

When we can feel our emotions and hold space for ourselves, we evolve and mature. When we talk about our emotions frankly, we allow others to do the same. When we care for others as loving as for ourselves, we create relationships that are balanced and nurturing for all.

In Cancer season we are invited to listen to our intuition and our emotional body so that we sync with natural cycles of activity and rest, yang and yin.

Cancer Season and Summer Solstice

Isn’t it powerful that Cancer season starts with the Summer Solstice, the longest day in the northern hemisphere…?

After the Summer Solstice the nights – slowly but surely – become longer again.

Even though we are still infused with the Sun’s light of consciousness, the Moon-ruled Cancer archetype reminds us to close our eyes and to invite sacred rest, rejuvenation, and the soothing power of dreamy nights.

In Cancer we learn to balance daytime and nighttime consciousness...

... so that we can go out in the world and work for our goals (Capricorn) but also find rest and nurturing within. Cancer invites us to create our own comfort zone and home – not as a place to get stuck but as a safe area, in which we can always return for nurturing and refueling.

No wonder, that Cancer is also connected to the womb, our origin, roots, past lives, and our childhood. Maybe we remember in the next weeks what we once had… and what we always missed.

In Cancer season we can experience summertime sadness and we can feel a deep longing for our (unfulfilled) childhood dreams.

But can’t we experience them now, as grown-ups, too…? Cancer season invites us to turn nostalgia into sweetness and pleasure. Can you allow your inner child to play carefree in the waves of life and to find nurturing with a cup of cacao…?

  • Do you care for yourself as loving as for others?

  • What does your inner child need to feel safe and loved?

  • What nourishes your soul?

  • Do you allow yourself to be nurtured by others?

  • How can you create more balance between sacred rest and activity?

The energy of Cancer season 2022

I have the feeling that this year’s Cancer season prepares us for new portals, dimensions, and changes. We will experience the Mars Uranus conjunction on the North Node in Taurus during Leo season – a huge opening and shift within our consciousness AND our lives.

Cancer season not only invites us to refuel and rest so that we have enough energy to actively engage with the rising and maybe disruptive energy in July.

Cancer season also allows us to check-in with our intuition, inner truth and to connect with unity consciousness: Neptune and Vesta will station retrograde in Pisces, and Mars will move into the yin sign of Taurus.

Additionally, the Cancer Sun and Mercury will build harmonious aspects to the Lunar Nodes in Scorpio and Taurus:

When we care for ourselves, we become independent from emotional entanglements and power games with others.

When we feel inwardly safe, we can live and love self-reliant and in alignment with our true values. When we allow ourselves to relax and receive, we can cultivate a life full of abundance and peace.

When we look at the upcoming Uranus transit, we can finally consider Cancer season as a time of “pregnancy”, that bears the potential of a re-birth – the re-birth of our own identity and new life.

We are now carrying and nourishing the seed of the New within our womb…

  • What do you want to nourish inside of you?

  • What are you pregnant with?

  • What wants to be birthed by you?

Have a nourishing Cancer season and... take care!

Artwork: Heather Heininge

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