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Chiron stations direct in 8°26’ Aries on Dec 18th

What if loneliness is part of the pioneer’s path? What if pain is the fuel for compassionate self-actualization? Some reflections about Chiron in Aries and its forward movement.


The core wound:

Separation. Loneliness. To be cut off from the womb. To be an individual that is disconnected from others. To have an animal body, needs and aggressions. To take up space.


The fear:

To be rejected for our being-ness, the „I AM“. To be not strong enough to survive and succeed. To be destroyed by our competitors. To be alone, outcast and bullied by others.

To be the bully and to hurt others. To be too much, too big, too strong, too loud. To take too much space. To be rejected for our needs and willpower.


The calling:

Self-actualization from a place of inner security. Individuation with the knowing that we are always part of the ONE and connected to Source. Embracing loneliness as part of the pioneer‘s path.

Soul-sovereignty and leadership with integrity and love. To own our power and empower others from a place of equality. To embrace a healthy Yang energy, that neither destroys nor exploits ourselves and others.

To own our willpower and be aware of our needs. To honor our animal body and instinctual nature. To be aware of our aggressions and channel them consciously.

To set boundaries. To respect the needs of others. To take the space that we need and allow others to do so, too. To be as loud or silent as we want. Without apologizing for our being-ness.


Chiron stations direct:

With Chiron it’s neither about fixing nor getting rid of the wound. It’s rather about embracing our vulnerability. It’s about walking our path - fully aware of our fears - and act from a place of love and compassion instead of reacting from a place of woundedness and self-pity (even though grief about our trauma is part of the (retrograde) journey, too).

With Chiron we learn that within the wound lies the medicine. When we become aware of this, we can cry and laugh and love and hold the space for all what we are. Our whole I AM. And the I AM of others.

Listen to Episode 5 about Chiron on my Mercury Dreams Podcast (in German Language):

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