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Mercury Retrograde – (as) a prayer (May & June 2021)

Can you sense instead of speak?

Can you feel instead of ask?

Can you listen instead of questioning?

Can you embrace the rhythm of words instead of searching for their meaning?

What is meaning? What are opinions? What are facts?

Words can become symphonies when you allow them to flow.

Sentences can synchronize. With your soul. When you allow them to grow. Naturally from your heart, your Soul, Source.

Words can heal when they lose their functionality and become grammarless, timeless, limitless.

The truth can drop if you empty yourself. Become a vessel for words that are more than you think.

Ideas can emerge when you embrace the unknown. And trust that the truth is there – beyond your words, beyond your thoughts, beyond your mind.

Words are magic – symbols for the MORE, that our mind cannot grasp.

Syllables become melodies that arise from our Soul.

Language is wider than a way to speak.

Language becomes nature. When you hear the song beyond the noise.

When you see the painting beyond the color.

When you hear the wisdom – that whispers and shows you your way home.

Mercury guides you when you let him play.

Mercury teaches you when you stop to know.

Mercury transfers you into other spheres – where your mind can merge with the frequency of your heart.

Mercury leads you when you allow yourself to be.

Mercury connects you with your most inner truth. The harmony of the heavens that you can just feel.

Mercury brings you back. Back to yourself, Soul, your Source. When you listen. Listen to the love that will always be there. When you stop to search and allow yourself to see. Clearly. And just be. In the Beauty of what is. Now. Endless. Here.

Your life – a prayer.

Mercury – your alley.

Your path – is already here and clear. When you close your eyes and feel. And speak. What wants to be spoken. By you. Through you. Now.

Your life – a prayer. When you embrace the unknown and just be.

Pictures from above to below: 1&2 Meagan Boyd, 3 Autumn Skye Art

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