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Scorpio Moon reflections (August 14th, 2021)

Just a short reflections that came through my mind after my daily workout practice... feeling the intensity of the Moon in Scorpio, that empowers the bravery of the Leo Sun with a strength, that comes from deep within.

My daily workout turns into a powerful battle within my body. Sweat, tears - all one. One stream of intensity. Transmuted emotions. My muscles burn. My heart beats. Blood pulses through my veins. I know my limits. And overcome them. Overcome the feeling of nothingness. There is more. I am more. My body stronger. Because I want. My will commands my muscles. It hurts. I am alive. Adrenalin rushes through my system. Sweat drops from my belly, my head, my heart. Washes away all the fear and scarcity. Clears my soul. I fall deep. And on my way down I recognize my wings. It’s not a soft and weavy fly. It’s a push. Upwards. To new heights, that just appear inside yourself when you are willing to fall.

I finish my workout. Take a shower. The water streams. Intensity. Cooling down. I am strong. I am more. I can.

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