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The Goddess

She is the light.

She is the dark.

She rules the stars.

She rules the earth.

She is more than you see. She is what you feel.

In blooming flowers and dyeing woods.

In muddy waters and clearest springs.

She is fertility and death.

She is almighty and divine.

Full of strength and starlight.

Full of emptiness and space.

She is cloudy and foggy.

She is brilliant and shines.

She is always there.

In nature. On earth. In the heavens and the sky.

In dimensions that humans can not see - with the eye, but feel with the heart and sense with their soul.

She is everything that is.

Hurtful and blissful. Heavy and light.

When she comes the earth blooms.

When she comes the rivers flow.

When she comes everything grows.

When she comes everything goes. Away and returns. In the cycles of life. Of death. Of everything that is and is not.

She is a paradox of beauty. A symphony of lust.

She is Eros and Psyche. Heaven and Earth.

She is hurtful and graceful.

But every time full of LOVE.

She brings bliss to the darkness.

Moves oceans and waves.

Turns the moon.

Centers the sun.

She is a force and a light.

She is everything that is.

She is.


Poem & Art by Verena Borell

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