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Venus in the Underworld – from September till December 2022

Aktualisiert: 16. Nov. 2022

Planet Venus will enter her underworld phase around September 3rd. After approximately eight months as brave morning star, she now disappears behind the Sun and becomes invisible from the Earth until she re-appears around December 1st.

During Venus’ morning star phase, we put ourselves out into the world, followed bravely our heart-centered goals, and inspiration. We made new experiences and learned more about ourselves, our heart’s truth, and desires.

As morning star, Venus/Innana is in the Innana myth on her slow but steady way down and in – into the underworld. On her descent, she passes 7-8 Venus Gates (Moon Venus conjunctions), where she must release all her power symbols, superficial roles, and outer shells.

Since the beginning of the Venus cycle in Capricorn in January, we surrendered everything that is no longer true to us.

On our journey, we became aware of fixations, relationships, external roles, and self-expectations, that are no longer serving us. We let go of old layers and tight corsets.

Now, when we enter the underworld together with Venus/Innana, we are naked.

To be naked means to be authentically ourselves, our true essence. But to be naked also means to be vulnerable and un-armored.

What will happen during Venus' Underworld Phase?

Venus’ astronomy gives us a clue to the meaning of Venus’ upcoming phase. The planet is now furthest away from us, the Earth. She disappears from the heaven, is out of sight and behind the Sun. Her light is invisible, hidden.

We can feel distanced, detached, isolated, or even alienated to our life.

We may feel a split between Venus, our heart’s wisdom, feminine essence and the outer world, our relationships, and external roles. We may feel lost in the darkness. Without orientation. Confused about our desires, tasks, roles.

The underworld can feel like a transition phase – where we are in between life phases: an old version of us is ready to die. A new version is yet to come.

But distance and detachment offer us many opportunities. We can observe our life, our actions, our goals, and roles. We gain a new perspective – from below. The underworld can be a shelter.

Darkness can be a soft, velvet mantle under whom we can safely hide and find back to our core and cœur.

We can shed our skin, surrender old versions of ourselves. We can let go of superficiality and develop self-honesty and self-intimacy. During our retreat in the underworld, we can transmute and freshly rebuild ourselves – from our Capricornian bones to our Venus’ heart.

But it is important to understand that old versions and our past experiences are no trash!

We should never judge them as useless and throw them away. Our past selves are worthy compost and the fertile ground in which our new self and consciousness can grow like a seed in the nourishing arms of Mother Earth.

Venus' Exterior Conjunction in Libra

In the middle of her underground journey on October 22nd Venus will be exactly behind the Sun in Libra. This so-called exterior conjunction marks the halfway point of Venus’ 19-month long cycle.

During her Sun conjunction, Venus is furthest away from the Earth. In the Myth, this is the moment, when Innana/Venus dies and – after three days – is re-awakened and re-born.

During the exterior conjunction, we may be confronted with old stories, and demons from the past, especially from last winter.

Pluto, God of the underworld will greet the dying Venus from a hard angle, a square.

This can feel uncomfortable but also familiar: We started this Venus cycle in a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn in January.

We may face old conflicts and wounding within relationships, and regarding our self-worth. Old patterns could greet us. We may feel hooked and triggered *again*. We could feel trapped into gender and relationships concepts or business roles, that are no longer serving us.

But we already made new experiences and evolved. We are now in a new position!

We have another perspective (square) to Pluto! We can look at old conflicts with a distance and are no longer merged with them (conjunction).

We may see clearly where others mirror our own (limiting) self-expectations, and we may recognize how we can deepen our self-love, heart’s truth, and self-sovereignty.

With Venus’ cycle in Capricorn, we are invited to de-condition from gender and relationship roles, expectations regarding our (work) performance, and (self-)judgements.

We are invited to become self-responsible for our needs and desires. We can become our own authority and lead our life from the heart.

Venus’ Underworld Phase: A journey from Virgo to Sagittarius

It is also interesting that Venus’ underworld phase falls into the 2nd and 3rd quadrant of the zodiac – Venus will wander through Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and come back to the surface when she is in Sagittarius.

We transition from a phase in which we clarify ourselves from ego attachments and focus on our inner devotion (Virgo) to a time where we face relationships with others and our role within a social context.

Especially now, at the beginning of the underworld phase when Venus is in Virgo, it may be important to turn inwards and focus on ourselves.

The underworld can become our sacred temple space.

Instead of looking what others may expect from us, we can gain clarity what is important for ourselves, and which (ego) attachments hinder us to return to our essence. We can become a vessel for divine energy that wants to flow through us.

Is Venus’ Underworld Phase a Fun Time?

I guess not. But can we consider darkness as an opportunity for rest, retreat, nourishment, rejuvenation?

Often, our darker phases let us evolve. Often, we see more when we close our eyes. Often, we recognize what is true when we look below the surface.

Often, we get to know ourselves deeply when we are away from the world. Often, we feel our heart’s essence when we are naked and vulnerable.

And we should never forget that the underworld is “just” a part of our Venus’ journey. We will leave the underworld around December 1st. We will rise again. We will become a bright, brilliant, and gracious evening star.

We will come back into the world. With deeper wisdom and new strength – to share our essence, our heart, and mission with others. From a place of self-trust, self-honesty, self-sovereignty, integrity, and love.

Learn more about the whole Venus Cycle in my Venus Cycle Workshop (in German language) and in my Venus Talk (in English language)!

Art by incredible Julia Corbett @reclaimdivineessence

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